Saner Şen
38 years old photojournalist, Saner Sen, was born in Turkey in 1974. He started working as a photojournalist in 1996 for a newspaper while he was studying economy in Uludag University. In 1997 he started to work as a freelance journalist for various monthly magazines and for a short while as a photography editor for Gezi Traveler Magazine in Istanbul. Since 1997 he has worked extensively in 20 different countries mostly covering social and political issues, conflicts and beliefs. His feature stories are published in many different magazines above all Atlas, Masa Acher and Der Spiegel, National Geographic. Among his many assignments he has reported on the American Muslims after 9/11, Looting after the invasion of Iraq by the coalition in 2003. He has been doing photo stories for National Geographic Magazine Turkish edition since 2004. He joined NarPhotos Agency in 2007. He is still working as a freelance journalist based in Istanbul.
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